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Choosing a Kitchen Layout – All of Your Options Laid Out

Undergoing a kitchen renovation is both exciting and stressful. You want to make sure you’re making the best decisions about not only your new finishes, but your kitchen’s layout as well. If you’ve been living with your current kitchen for some time, it can be hard to visualize any other layout that would work. But, by working with an experienced kitchen designer, you can choose a new layout that better serves your space and your family. Below, we’ll discuss five of the more popular kitchen layouts that residents of Durham, Raleigh, and Chapel Hill consider during a kitchen remodel and how they can work for your home.

1. The Single

The single layout is exactly what it sounds like – your kitchen is situated against a single wall. This layout is popular in small spaces as it takes up minimal room. This layout, however, can also work in larger homes too. If your home has a large blank wall, a single layout could provide you with plenty of storage and a lot of counter space. You can optimize this layout by adding an island, which could help you form the kitchen work triangle, something that the single layout typically lacks.

2. The Galley

Galley Style Kitchen Layout
While galley kitchens sometimes come with a negative connotation, they can actually provide a lot of bang for your buck. Galley kitchens have parallel walls with cabinets on each wall, like two single kitchen layouts put together. And, since they don’t include any tricky corner cabinets, they might even help you save a little bit in your cabinet budget. In a galley kitchen, you also can create an efficient kitchen work triangle. While galleys can provide a lot of cabinet and counter space, one way you can optimize this layout is by installing a long and narrow island if your space allows. You’ll want to consult your kitchen designer about this option so he or she can ensure you’ll have enough space between your cabinets and your island without your space feeling cramped.

3. The L

L Shape Kitchen Layout
L-shaped kitchens are a popular layout where the kitchen cabinets take up two perpendicular walls, forming an “L” shape with cabinets and countertops. The L-shaped layout is great for providing ample counter space and useful corner cabinets. L-shaped kitchen designs also leave you with a lot of open floor space, which makes moving around a whole lot easier. Alternatively, you can fill this open space with a small island. While rectangular-shaped islands work well for larger L layouts, islands come is a variety of shapes and there could be a shape that’s better suited for your kitchen layout. One of our talented design team members can provide you with island options that will optimize the beauty and functionality of your kitchen.

4. The U

U Style Kitchen Layout
The U-shaped kitchen is a very common layout where cabinets and countertops span across three walls. Because of its location across three walls, this layout can form the ideal kitchen work triangle. It also provides ample counter and cabinet space since it is taking up more wall space compared to the former layouts we mentioned. Depending on the size of the space and your preferences, the U layout is great for adding a square or rectangular island. If your U-shaped kitchen design is narrower, it’s best to skip the island, since you’ll want to maximize your “moving around” room in order to prepare food efficiently.

5. The G

G shaped kitchen layout
The G-shaped kitchen layout is very similar to that of the U layout; however, with a G-shaped design, there is a peninsula added, sort of like a partial fourth wall, but of lower cabinets. G layouts provide ample counter space and often even include a place for people to eat. G-shaped kitchens are usually in homes with a little more space, since they include 3.5 walls of cabinets. To optimize storage in a G-shaped kitchen, install peninsular cabinets that have doors on both sides, giving you double the storage space of a normal peninsula. Alternatively, if space allows, you can include a smaller, less conventional island in your G-shaped kitchen. Your designer would know best if an island makes sense or not in your particular kitchen design.

When it comes to planning your new kitchen layout, you want to consider which layout makes the best use of your space and makes the most sense for your family. It can be a daunting task, but your local kitchen remodeling experts at The Kitchen Specialist will talk with you and determine which layout works best based on your space and your needs for your new kitchen. We’ve helped residents of Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill bring their dream kitchens to life, so give us a call and see what we can do for you!

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